Brushwood Authentic Farm Buildings 1:32 Scale

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'My First Farm' Play Set
'My Second Farm' Play Set
'My Third Farm' Play Set
3 Bay Multi Purpose Shed
Arable Storage Shed
Arable Storage Shed btTO-BT8100
Beef Unit
Beef Unit btTO-BT8450
Big Bale Shed
Big Bale Shed btTO-BT6000
Bull Pen
Bull Pen btTO-BT8900
Cattle Handling Unit
Cattle Handling Unit btTO-BT8700
Covered Collecting Yard
Cubicle Shed
Cubicle Shed btTO-BT3000
Euro Style Livestock Shed
Euro Style Potato Shed
Euro Style Potato Shed btTO-BTEURO3
Farm House
Farm House btTO-BT8910
Farm Workshop
Farm Workshop btTO-BT8200
Herringbone Milking Parlour
Lambing Shed
Lambing Shed btTO-BT7000
Livestock Market
Livestock Market btTO-BT8970
Monster 4 Bay Utility
Monster 4 Bay Utility btTO-BT8920
Pig Shed
Pig Shed btTO-BT8940
Rotary Milking Parlor
Rotary Milking Parlor btTO-BT2500
Sheep Handling Unit
Sheep Handling Unit btTO-BT8750
Silage Pit
Silage Pit btTO-BT8500
Slurry Store
Slurry Store btTO-BT8550
Storage Shed with Calf House
Tractor & Implement Shed
Twin Row Cubicle Shed
Twin Row Cubicle Shed btTO-BT8965