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John Deere Ground Loader
Product Code: 0068

Suitable for years 3+
This toy tractor comes with all the features of our Ground Force tractor but without the trailer. As an added feature it has a fully operational, manual front end loader.
Sturdy and easy to drive, John Deere Ground Force with rechargeable battery enables complex manoeuvres to be performed in all safety.
Other standard features include armrests and an FM radio, for an added touch of fun in the countryside.

2 forward gears + 1 reverse gear
12-volt rechargeable battery & charger included in the package
Accelerator and brake in a single pedal
Adjustable seat to accommodate for your child's growth.
Front end loader with tipping bucket assembly.

NOTE:This toy may not be compatible with any Rolly accessories that you may have.
This toy comes in kit form and will require assembling.